Innovation Tidbits


Breaking new ground on surgical positioning systems with coffee , Modern Healthcare, 7/6/2017


When a team of Vanderbilt University engineers sought a way to improve the reliability of positioning systems used in delicate nose and throat surgeries, coffee was the solution. Coffee grounds, that is.


Family-Led Team Takes Top Prize in Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE Competition for Consumer Medical Device Inspired by Star Trek® ,, 4/13/2017


Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE Announces Post-Competition Initiative to Support Scaling Impact Through Continued Development, Consumer Testing and Commercialization of Tricorder Prototypes

HealthIT - Interoperability Proving Ground,, 12/27/2016


The Interoperability Proving Ground (IPG) is an open, community platform where you can share, learn, and be inspired by interoperability projects occurring in the United States (and around the world).

Health System's 'Genius Bar' Links Patients' Devices for Better Engagement, Outcomes, Health & Hospital Networks, 8/2/15


Leaving her internist’s office at the Ochsner Center for Primary Care and Wellness in New Orleans, the elderly patient stops by the O Bar in the lobby. This bar won’t serve her an alcoholic beverage. Nor a smoothie, nor a latte. She might, however, walk away with a new Fitbit on her wrist or a weight loss coaching app downloaded into her smartphone. The O Bar is a brightly lit tech support station sleekly appointed with stainless-steel stools, counter-mounted iPads and wall-mounted video displays. It’s modeled after the Genius Bar in Apple stores.