Innovation Cohorts


An innovation cohort focuses on solving a common challenge and implementing an emerging technology to scale across our ministries.  Trinity Health has been able to de-risk and accelerate the implementation of digital solutions by using a rigorous and collaborative sourcing process developed by AVIA to understand our ministries' needs, evaluate solutions and develop ministry-specific business cases and implementation plans.

Our first innovation cohort was launched in late 2016 and addresses "online, on-demand access" or algorithm-driven asynchronous patient reported interviews that enable Trinity Health to offer immediate care that is efficient and low cost without overloading provider workflow.  This people-centered approach allows us to achieve two of our strategic goals: double the number of lives served across the system and increase revenue in risk agreements.  It also helps us create a new, convenient way for patients to interact with our health system, while strengthening our market presence.  Trinity Health plans to test/pilot the solution and then spread the solution across the ministries based on pilot results and lessons learned.